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The Research and Library Resource Center seek to create a dynamic research culture that fosters and rewards innovation and creativity among its academic community stakeholders and linkages in an education and research collaboration that unites piety and learning. Library will be excel in the collecting providing the best access of the community, creating a welcoming environment of the library and continued growth to finding ways to rich the high standards.
  • Promote the  importance of library and research inside and outside the institution,
  • Heighten the academic collaboration of faculty, staff ,students and community
  • Reimage library as the central hub of information.
  • Provide the Wesleyan Community with all the necessary resources needed both in hard and soft formats

The Research and Library Learning Resource Center is committed to core values-life dedicated to discovery and innovation that expands the boundaries of knowledge and provide insights and solutions for complex worlds. Library encourages the students to do a research on their academic subjects also to the needs of the community of the library.

  • Provide library services and research resources to meet our needs.
  • Reimage the physical space of the library to meet the demand of the students, faculty and staff.
  • Familiarize the students, faculty and staff of the library and research materials.
  • Heighten the collaboration of the students, faculty and staff.
  • Develop among the Wesleyan Community the culture of research
  • Resource Assistance Services –  for faculty and students who are looking for resources
  • Photocopying and Printing Services –
  • Pick Up Services – you may reserve online and pick it up on the same day

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