Research Center


  1. Promote the culture of research in the College
  2. Create programs and activities to expose the College in different research activities
  3. Make research fun and applicable in all courses.

The trust of the Research Center must be regularly changes as to meet the demand and needs on the community.

Goals and Objectives

To attain the goals of Wesleyan College of Manila, the following research agenda are being developed:

  1. Improving research competency through building and strengthening program
  2. Increasing research productivity
  3. Creating new knowledge in the study to cope with the local and national changes
  4. Promoting and supporting research outputs’ creativity and innovation
  • There is an annual recognition to the best research outputs granted to both faculty and students. Florita V. Miranda Research Award (FVM) is given to the outstanding research output of the students and Emerito P. Nacpil Research Award (EPN) for faculty and staff.


  • If the researcher/s has the desire to share his/ her study to other institutions. The incentives will be increased based on the following level of presentation. Before a study is presented, the study will be undergone in a screening to look beyond in its quality if it meet the standard of the certain level.

WCM Forum

Wesleyan College of Manila Forum is the official journal publication of the school.

WCM Horizon